Teen Martial Arts Academy in Waterloo, ON

Why Your Teen Should Join a Teen Martial Arts Program

Being a teenager isn’t always comfortable. As children grow and start to become adults, they face new issues like self-definition and a radically changing body that can make them uncomfortable. Teens need an outlet for a huge range of feelings. A teen martial arts program can help. Here are the benefits we can offer teens at our martial arts academy in Waterloo, ON.

Confidence and Self-Defense

For boys and for girls, feeling like they can defend themselves in the event that they have an altercation is important. Taekwondo does not teach violence, but it does teach defense and helps teens become more confident in themselves. Standing up to bullies is important and we can teach your teen the skills.

It’s also worth noting that martial arts is not a team sport. This is an opportunity for your teen to focus on themselves, and improve for themselves, which is also important for their confidence.

Physical Skill

Teenagers need to capitalize on the good physical exercise habits that they cultivated as children in school and other activities. They need to improve strength, stamina, flexibility, coordination, and more. A teen martial arts program offers your teen continuous challenge that the instructor adjusts for their level of skill. They keep growing and learning new physical skills.

Great Social Environment

Our martial arts academy is a supportive environment where we cheer each other on and focus on good sportsmanship, even when we lose. The friendships that your teen forms here can be a great support network, especially as they have social challenges at school. All teens feel left out at high school sometimes, it is important for them to have non-school friends as well.

Values and Mental Skill

When your child is practicing taekwondo, they are not just practicing physical movements. They are also working on their discipline and developing strong values like hard work and good sportsmanship. Taekwondo helps some teens focus better and learn that there is no replacement for showing up and trying.

Choose Our Teen Martial Arts Program

We offer an exceptional martial arts program for teens at our martial arts academy in Kitchener/Waterloo. It offers teenagers many benefits from improving their physical fitness to offering a supportive and competitive outlet. Girls and boys both enjoy participating in taekwondo as teens. If you think this is something your child could be interested in and you want to support their growth, reach out to us today.



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