Cambridge After School Programs

After School Child Care in Cambridge, ON

Are you looking for a fun and exciting after-school activity for your child? Look no further than 5 Rings Taekwondo’s programming for kids.

Our renowned martial arts academy provides an action-packed alternative to fill the hours following the end of the school day. Under the watchful eye of our instructors, kids will grow their martial arts practice, explore a variety of activities, and make lasting friendships in a safe space.

If you’re searching for after-school programs “near me” in Cambridge, choose 5 Rings Taekwondo’s top-rated program for children.

What a Day Looks Like at Our After School Program

TaeKwonDo Class

Instruction by national-level TaekwonDo masters who provide personalized attention.

Homework Time

Time is given each day for students to work on daily homework assignments.

Snack Time

Your child has time to fuel up after a busy day.

Games & Activities

We offer a variety of fun games and activities to help your child wind down.

Skill Development

Our taekwondo programs cultivate leadership, confidence, and anti-bullying tactics.

Our After-School Programs

5 Ring’s Taekwondo’s programs aren’t your standard after-school option. Here’s what sets us apart from other activities in the area:

  • Taekwondo Classes: Every day presents children with an opportunity to hone their martial arts skills. Led by our knowledgeable instructors, students will learn the artistry and techniques of this self-defence style.
  • Variety of Activities: We operate a top-quality Taekwondo studio, but that’s not all we offer. Kids will enjoy our diverse range of programming, including games, crafts, and other engaging activities in a structured environment.
  • Homework Time: We ensure every child has the proper time to complete homework or other academic assignments.
  • Snack Time: After a busy day at school, kids need nutrition to power their Taekwondo class. We give every child in our program time to enjoy a healthy snack.

Discover 5 Rings Taekwondo

Our local martial arts school has been training Taekwondo champions for years, including over 500 black belt students. At our highly recommended Taekwondo school, we offer:

  • After-school programs for children aged 5 and above.
  • Certified instructors with rich Taekwondo backgrounds and experiences.
  • Safe and supportive environment for children.
  • Age-appropriate martial arts classes.

What Are the Benefits of After-School Programs?

From assisting busy parents to helping students achieve their martial arts goals, there are numerous advantages to our after-school program, such as:

  • Limit Kids’ Screen Time: Did you know only about 50% of children in Canada spend less than two hours per day in front of a screen? After school is a time when many children sit on the couch in front of the TV or their tablets, which could lead to unhealthy habits. 5 Rings Taekwondo’s programs encourage physical activity and learning to expand their horizons outside of screen time.
  • Perfect for Working Parents: Are you a working parent struggling to find daycare and after-school care near you? That’s why 5 Rings Taekwondo developed our children’s programming. We help busy parents get peace of mind by providing responsible and dependable after-school care. We can also work with your schedule to find a flexible option for your needs.
  • Build a Strong Foundation with Taekwondo: Taekwondo is more than learning self-defense moves. This practice teaches kids confidence, respect, determination, and many other qualities to help them excel in school and beyond. Give your child the opportunity to develop these crucial skills in a supportive atmosphere.

Contact Us for After-School Care

Whether you need a safe place for your children to go once the school day ends or want to support their martial arts training, 5 Rings Taekwondo’s after-school program is your best choice.

We know it can be stressful to find childcare that is not only safe, but also provides kids with a rich and stimulating experience. That’s why we focused our after-school program on giving kids the excitement they need in a secure location parents can trust.

Give us a call to register your child for our after-school program today.

Our After School Program Includes

Free Pick Up

We offer daily pick-up services after school to Five Rings TaeKwonDo by our licensed drivers. All Five Rings TaeKwonDo vans are equipped with booster seats (if required) and emergency first-aid kits.