Taekwondo Programs in Waterloo, ON


Walk a Path of Excellence

Are you looking for karate classes near you? Have you considered TaekwonDo? We know you’ll love it!

Build a strong physical and mental foundation at one of the top schools for martial arts near you. Whether you are looking to gain a new skill, finesse your Poomsae techniques, or prepare for competition, we’ll help you walk a path of excellence.

For our After School Program

Not Just a TaeKwonDo School Near You, We Produce Champions

Unleash your full potential when you train with the masters! Our instructors have competed at the highest levels of TaeKwonDo internationally, including representing Team Canada at the Commonwealth Games and at Olympic trials.

Our martial arts training programs have produced:

  • 60 national champions
  • 500 high-level black belts

Receive safe, attentive TaekwonDo training from masters with decades of experience. We teach everyone from children aged three to Olympic aspirants how to attain their highest level of performance.

Our TaeKwonDo Programs

Tigers TaeKwonDo (For ages 3 – 5)

Designed to introduce your child to martial arts, the internationally-recognized Tiny Tigers program will serve as a springboard to the sport of TaeKwonDo.

The program is designed for children aged 3 to 5 years old. It’s a fun, fast-paced environment focusing on fitness and self-defense.

Tiny Tigers is aimed at building strength both mentally and physically. The confidence your child will acquire will be the foundation of how their newly earned respect, fortitude, and discipline will help shape their future.

Tiny Tigers is offered at both our Kitchener and Waterloo locations.

Children's TaeKwonDo (For ages 6 – 12)

The elementary and middle-school years are some of the most formative years, and the positive habits, discipline, and confidence that children build will stay with them throughout their entire lives.

Children’s taekwondo program contains a unique curriculum focused on character development and improving self-respect and awareness. It emphasizes:

  • TaeKwonDo philosophy
  • Spirit
  • History
  • Breathing Techniques
  • Focus training
  • Stretching and conditioning
  • Exposure to basic blocks and strikes

Students at this age and level will learn a “Yes, I Can!” attitude and a respectful response of “Yes, Sir/Ma’am”.

Family TaeKwonDo

As a family-oriented institution, Five Rings TaeKwonDo is committed to keeping the family atmosphere at every location our top priority. We preserve that spirit and core values of our culture through our Family TaeKwonDo classes.

Experience the benefits of our family classes by sharing a positive and healthy activity to do with your family!

During these classes, we welcome not only immediate families but even women, men, teens, and children aged six and over who are eligible to attend.

Adult TaeKwonDo

Adult taekwondo program combines exercises for both the body and the mind. You will train your body to develop a healthier lifestyle, increase flexibility, and decrease muscle tension.

Apart from the physical aspect, you will learn techniques to reduce stress and anxiety. This class emphasizes:

  • TaeKwonDo philosophy
  • Spirit
  • History
  • Breathing Techniques
  • Focus training
  • Stretching
  • Heavy plyometrics

High-Performance Sparring

Our High-Performance sparring team is for those who wish to compete in the Olympic sport of TaeKwonDo. We are rated as one of the province’s best competitive teams!

If you are serious about competition, this is the program for you. Spaces are limited in this elite program, so we may focus on developing our athletes.

Demo Team (For ages 6+)

Learn the fundamental moves and weapons to participate in full demonstration activities. It’s a fun activity that helps build skills at all levels.

You will also learn the higher-level breaking and self-defense performance for demo team activities.

Call us today if you’re looking for karate programs, we’d love to show you what you can do with taekwondo. Check available spots for taekwondo and karate near you in Waterloo and Kitchener.