Summer Camp

Weeks running this year:

July 8th-12th, 2024
July 15th-19th, 2024
August 12th-16th, 2024
August 19th-23rd, 2024

Join us for a fun Karate Summer Camp filled with Games, Sports, Fun Daily Activities, Nerf Games, Lego, Laser Tag, Martial Arts, and Weekly Activities! (Splash Pad, Reptiles, Mad Science, Carnival Day, Buskers Festival)
Ages 5-12
$250 + HST per week. $8 for pizza lunch Fridays
(Early drop-off and late pick-up options available)

What is Summer Camp?

A place for kids and young teens to gather and expend energy over the summer while parents are away at work or otherwise occupied. Summer camp is a great way for children to exercise, make friends, and stay safe! This also means that your kids will have a positive environment to expend their energy, so they won’t be bouncing off the walls when they get home (results may vary).

Martial Arts Camps for Kids

Martial arts are an amazing way to let your kids expend energy through healthy exercise. Effective training in the art can also improve overall health and coordination. If you’re looking for a new hobby for your children, or if they have expressed their own interest, martial arts camps for kids are an excellent way to get their feet wet without over-commitment. Your child can learn the basics of taekwondo here, without needing to continue every week if it turns out that they don’t like it.

Our TaeKwonDo Summer Camps

Summer should be fun! At our summer day camps in Waterloo, kids will learn real TaekwonDo techniques through entertaining exercises and practices. With new and exciting activities every day, you won’t find a better “karate” camp near you.

Our daily schedule for our summer camps changes by the day. But you can expect a healthy mix of activities each day your child is with us. That includes lots of physical activities that children need to develop skills like coordination and strength and to develop a healthy appreciation for exercise and movement. There is also plenty of time for children to relax and recover from all that movement, including activities like arts and crafts, watching movies, and much more.

We also take your child on field trips during our summer camps. We visit, exciting places for children like a museum, Bingemans, Funvilla, Buskers festival, splash pads, and more. Talk to our staff about which field trips we will be attending for the week that your child is with us. And, if your child attends for multiple weeks, we’ll likely be going to different places for each!

Exercise, Learning, and Fun!

Our martial arts camps in Waterloo are geared towards creating a positive experience for the children in our community. We want to encourage kids to train and exercise through methods that feel like play. Some of the types of activities in summer camps that we offer include:

  • Nerf Wars Go head-to-head with other kids in an all-out epic battle to become the champion of Nerf!
  • Lego Building Build intricate designs or towering skyscrapers that are sure to awe and impress your friends!
  • Laser Tag Use stealth and strategy to outwit your opponents before they can hit you with their laser beams!
  • Martial Arts Learn real martial arts techniques and train with the masters!
  • And Field Trips We’ll visit parks, splash pads, Laurel Creek, and mini-golf courses!

Your kids can look forward to these activities and more when you register for summer camp with us.

How much is summer camp in Kitchener and Waterloo?

Official updates on the pricing of our camps will be listed on our site as they become available. If you have any questions about the pricing for our kid’s camps, don’t hesitate to reach out to us today!

If you’re looking for TaekwonDo karate camps in Kitchener and Waterloo, look no further! Five Rings TaeKwonDo offers the best in training, exercise, and fun. Give your children a fun, healthy, and educational experience they won’t forget! For any questions regarding our summer camp options, please contact us.

How Our Summer Camps Enrich Your Child

Having fun is important when you’re a kid. But, as a parent, you want your child to have experiences that are about more than just fun. You also want to give them the opportunity to challenge themselves, grow, and explore their own interests. Our summer camps are the perfect combination of enriching environment and moments that are full of fun and make great memories. Here are some of the ways that your child will benefit from attending our summer camps:

  • New social environment: Your child has friends at school but doesn’t get much practice introducing themselves to new people there. Here, your child will have the opportunity to practice those most important skills of forging new social bonds. They may even make new friends that they want to keep in touch with or attend classes with.
  • Safe, but independent: It is important for your child to get the opportunity to grow when mom and dad aren’t looking over their shoulder. But, as a parent, you want to be sure that your child is safe when you’re not nearby. With our highly trained and compassionate staff right nearby, your child is in the right environment to feel more independent.
  • Taekwondo values: Taekwondo isn’t just about movement. It is also about attitude. We teach important values like hard work, discipline, and commitment when we teach taekwondo.
  • Explore new things: Life is full of endless joys and the possibility to try new things.

Learn More About Our Summer Camps

Our staff will be happy to answer your questions about our summer camp in more detail. That includes our summer camp daily schedules, what our summer camp lunches are, what to wear, and what to bring when you attend our camps. If you or your child has never done taekwondo before, we can explain the new parents and student guidelines too. All you need to do is reach out to us with your questions and we can help.