Winter Break Camps in Stratford, ON

Stratford Winter Break Program For Kids

During the holiday break, kids have a ton of pent-up excitement but nowhere to spend it. At 5 Rings Taekwondo, we offer the perfect outlet to burn energy, discover a new skill, and achieve greatness with our winter camp. 

Our camp is tailored to your schedule and your child’s skill level, making it a flexible option for families during the busy holiday season. If you’re looking for winter camps near me in Stratford, look no further than 5 Rings Taekwondo. 

Our Winter Break Programs

Our day camp runs during the winter break and is designed for children aged 5-12. Families can sign up for as many days as they like – or the whole week!

Each day offers kids a thrilling opportunity to learn something new and have fun. Our program focuses on age-appropriate martial arts and self-defence training, but we also have a diverse line-up of activities led by our dedicated staff, including:

  • Crafts
  • Games
  • Outdoor play
  • Movie days
  • Lego building

What Are the Benefits of Taekwondo Camps?

The winter holidays are the perfect time to begin your child’s martial arts journey or hone their existing skills. If you’re exploring winter break camps “near me,” here are some of the advantages our program offers to up-and-coming Taekwondo masters: 

  • Limit Screen Time: A study found that Canadian youth in grades 6-12 spend about two hours per day in front of a screen, and even children as young as 2 are getting more than the experts’ recommended levels. Our Taekwondo day camps give kids a stimulating environment away from TV or tablets.
  • Make New Friends: Socialization is a key component of every child’s development. At our camps, children meet peers in their age group outside of school, providing the perfect opportunity to make new friends.
  • Stay Active: Kids need about 60 minutes of physical activity to stay healthy and build good habits. Our martial arts training increases kids’ strength, stamina, balance, and coordination while inspiring a positive attitude toward their bodies.
  • Train Your Mind: Taekwondo is as much a mental workout as a physical one. Our masters teach children about patience, determination, and focus — skills that can be applied to other areas of life, like school.
  • Flexible Scheduling: At 5 Rings Taekwondo, we know parents are working or occupied during the holiday season. That’s why we provide a fun and enriching day camp experience in a secure environment. With our early drop-off and late pick-up options, parents can pick a schedule that works for them.

Contact 5 Rings Taekwondo for Winter Break Camps

At our winter camps, there’s no such thing as boredom. We allow every child to learn new skills and set positive goals for themselves in a safe and encouraging environment. 

Our masters and coaches hail from accomplished Taekwondo backgrounds and have represented Canada at the Commonwealth Games and Olympic Trials. Your child will learn valuable techniques from our staff and enjoy interactive programming during our camp. 

If you need a winter day camp “near me”, call us to register your child today.