Adult TaeKwonDo

As we get older, it’s important to maintain a certain level of physical activity. Regular physical activity and exercise improve your health. It also reduces the risk of developing diseases. Lastly, it is not just great physically but also mentally and emotionally.


Martial Arts Classes for Adults

When we think about physical activities for adults, we don’t instantly think about adult martial arts. Often, we associate TaekwonDo classes with kids and teens. However, adults will find that TaekwonDo is a worthwhile physical activity to have.

Adult TaekwonDo, however, can be a bit challenging. This is because the sport involves a lot of cardio work. Stretching, punching, and kicking can be difficult for some. However, it gets easier in time with a lot of training and discipline. You can never be too old to learn TaekwonDo!

Why Try Adult Taekwondo?

Even if you didn’t do taekwondo as a child, you might be excited to get to pursue a martial art. Adult taekwondo offers many things that might intrigue you, including:

  • Interesting workouts: If you have trouble motivating yourself to run or lift weights, we get it. Martial arts offers a more engaging workout that you will want to do.
  • New social groups: It’s hard to meet new people once you’re a certain age. Find new friends and a social outlet at taekwondo.
  • Ignite competitive spirit: Sometimes the challenges in life get us down. Participating in something new, especially one with rich opportunities for competition, can reengage your spirit and help you get back in touch with your competitive side.
  • Reduce stress: Our world is full of trying situations. Taekwondo offers you an outlet to reduce that stress.

Looking for an adult taekwondo school in Kitchener or Waterloo? Five Rings Taekwondo offers taekwondo programs that include a combination of classes for both the body and the mind. Our classes will help you:

  • Have a healthier lifestyle
  • Become more flexible
  • Decrease muscle tension

We are an adult taekwondo academy in Waterloo and Kitchener that gives importance to taekwondo:

  • Philosophy
  • Spirit
  • History
  • Breathing techniques
  • Focus training
  • Stretching
  • Heavy plyometrics

Looking to do TaekwonDo or karate near you? Contact us today to learn more about our TaekwonDo programs!

Benefits of TaeKwonDo

Before searching for TaekwonDo schools near you, let’s see the many benefits of this practice.

  1. Improve physical fitness. TaeKwonDo is a complete body workout. This lets you develop your balance, flexibility, and stamina. It’s a great way to be physically fit and healthy.
  2. Build strength. Complex kicks and punches accentuate your muscles and help you build bodily strength. More than physical strength is the way can also build your strength mentally.
  3. Boost self-confidence. Attending taekwondo and karate classes near Waterloo and Kitchener builds disciple and confidence. You see yourself improving your abilities and reaching your goals. This helps become a reminder that you can do anything you set yourself out to do.
  4. Manage stress. Regular physical activity is great for stress management. Also, TaekwonDo gives importance to focus and concentration. Self-awareness is a great way to alleviate stressors.
  5. Socialize. Waterloo and Kitchener karate academies, as well as taekwondo academies, give you the perfect opportunity to meet like-minded people. Moreover, it’s a nice, positive environment to develop friendships.
  6. Be more positive. Martial art classes help you keep a positive attitude. With regular physical activity, you constantly release endorphins which brighten your mood.

Curriculum Includes

The curriculum in our taekwondo classes is more expansive than most. While focusing on fitness, the body, and how well you can perform taekwondo movements is important, it is not all there is to taekwondo. Adults especially will benefit from our fuller approach to this martial art.

Some of our expansive curriculum includes breathing techniques and training your ability to focus. Much like meditation or mindfulness practice, these techniques can help you feel more grounded and focused every day. You can use these techniques when practicing taekwondo, or you can use them throughout your life.

We will also delve deep into the philosophy and history of taekwondo. This will engage your mind and spirit and allow you to have a richer understanding of this martial art and why we do the things that we do in class.

Further, beyond typical taekwondo techniques, our adult classes also include stretching instruction and heavy plyometrics. Stretching is foundational to help you retain your range of movement, increase strength, and it just feels great.

What about heavy plyometrics? It is jump training. In taekwondo, we do learn movements that involve jumping. These are some of the most spectacular and difficult moves there are. To prepare for jumping, we use plyometric techniques to make your muscles exert a great amount of force in a short period. This replicates the strain of jumps and helps your body develop the ability to do these complex movements.

Types of Classes We Offer for Adults

We offer a range of adult taekwondo classes that will challenge you. That includes classes at different times and on different days to accommodate busy adult work schedules. Reach out to our team to discuss what we currently have on the schedule. 

Benefits of TaeKwonDo

TaeKwonDo for Adults Near You

Are you looking for TaekwonDo adults’ beginner’s classes? Here at Five Rings TaeKwonDo, we believe that you are never too old to learn TaekwonDo.

We offer a wide range of programs and classes for different age groups. Our experienced instructors always see to it to build a positive environment of fun and learning. We teach our students the basics of taekwondo, from basic blocks to strikes, and more. We’re a martial arts school in Kitchener and Waterlooready to guide you through the journey of learning the art of taekwondo.

Searching for TaekwonDo and karate classes near you with fees that won’t cost you an arm and a leg? Contact us today and claim your free trial!

Adult Martial Arts in Kitchener-Waterloo

Our dojo in Kitchener-Waterloo is a great place to get started on your martial arts journey, or further grow in skill and strength. If you’re interested in adult martial arts, reach out to us to discuss more details about what our curriculum includes and discuss our selected good practices. Contact us today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Adult taekwondo is just taekwondo. This martial art was originally designed for adults. It’s a Korean martial art that focuses on punches and kicks. Spinning jump kicks are an eventual movement you can achieve through taekwondo. This martial art is more than just physical, it also imparts a set of values.

There aren’t different types of taekwondo, but there are styles of taekwondo. Most of the styles are defined by organizations that oversee the practice of that specific style. There’s traditional taekwondo, but also styles from the International Taekwon-Do Federation, the American Taekwondo Association, and more.

Yes! Taekwondo offers adults a rich range of benefits from physical health to mental health. For some, the best benefit of taekwondo is the social and community aspect. Others seek competition or a new sport to balance out their other training or to attempt new sport achievement. Others just enjoy the exercise and stress relief.

We respect other martial arts and wouldn’t say one is necessarily better than the other. It depends on what you’re looking for. Taekwondo offers full-contact sparring, more focus on the lower body, as well as more focus on balance and skill. Personally, we believe taekwondo offers more well-rounded fitness and values.

Yes, taekwondo is for adults too. We hold adult classes where you can join others who are near your skill level. We also hold some open classes where the whole family can participate. Adults who join taekwondo will find that it’s a physical challenge that helps them gain skills and a great way to connect with other adults.

At 50 years of age, unless your doctor says otherwise, you’re perfectly healthy enough to learn taekwondo. You don’t need to be in shape to start out with taekwondo, but more advanced techniques will challenge even those 50-year-olds who have kept in impeccable shape. You can find the right level of challenge for you with taekwondo.

There’s no special advantage to learning taekwondo as a child. Adults will find that they can pick up taekwondo faster than a child would, just because they have full control over their coordination in a way that growing children don’t. Taekwondo can be challenging for adults, but that right level of challenge is what makes any martial art rewarding.

That depends on your specific body. There’s merit to challenge our bodies to do things, so they adapt to stress. You cannot learn to lift heavy things without lifting heavy things, and other physical exercise is the same. That said, if there are reasons not to challenge joints or bones you should talk to your doctor about whether you should participate in taekwondo.

People of all ages get different benefits from taekwondo. That’s why there’s no “best age” to learn this martial art. Taekwondo can provide adults of any age with the right challenge and the right benefits for them. Talk to your instructor about what you want to focus on, whether it is a competition or improving your flexibility.

5 Rings Taekwondo offers the best adult taekwondo classes in Kitchener. We have highly trained instructors who will help you grow quickly, through discipline and hard work. We don’t believe in shortcuts; we do believe in celebrating your personal bests and achievements.