Five Rings Taekwondo Martial Arts Academy

Make the Most of All That TaeKwonDo Has to Offer with the Leading School for Martial Arts in Waterloo

Receive safe, intelligent, and attentive training at a martial arts academy in Waterloo, Ontario, with a track record of producing national-level champions. All our instructors bring years of experience, helping everyone from children aged three to Olympic hopefuls achieve their full potential.

Learn from a national and provincial-level coach with 25 years of coaching experience. Master Greg Bauer conducts martial art classes for students of all ages and belt levels–from recreational to Olympic hopefuls and National Team members.

Did you know our instructors have competed at the highest levels of TaeKwonDo globally, including the Olympic trials and the Commonwealth Games for Team Canada?


We Develop the Leaders of Tomorrow

Martial Arts Evening Programs

Learn self-defense, improve mental and physical fitness, and be part of a social, like-minded community with our evening programs. Our flexible programs are ideal for children, teens, and adults. Learn everything from self-defense to anti-bullying techniques at the best TaekwonDo school near you.

After School Programs

Stop searching for karate classes near Waterloo and Kitchener! Our fun, guided programs take the burden off busy parents. These programs have produced over 50 high-level black belts and four national champions. We combine leadership and fitness education with homework time, snack time, and fun games.


Learn TaeKwonDo, engage in fun activities with peers your age, and participate in a wide range of themed activities. We offer two-week and day-long camps that are filled with fun and education. Check out the hectic camp schedule for 2022 at the best school for karate near you!

About Five Rings TaeKwonDo

What started as a family-run business in 1990 is the most successful martial arts school in Kitchener and Waterloo. In 30 years, Five Rings Taekwondo has produced over 60 national champions, and more than 500 black belts, and helped thousands unlock their true potential.

TaeKwonDo Programs for Every Level

Young Learners

Introduce your child to the world of Taekwondo in a safe, encouraging setting at our Taekwondo and Kitchener karate academy. Our programs for young learners are fun, fast-paced, and rewarding.

Watch as your child builds mental and physical confidence and carries their new skills to every walk of their life. Our programs focus on developing agility, balance, and coordination.

Learn more about our young learners’ programs for children aged 3-12. 

Teen and Adult Learners

Take your TaekwonDo journey to a higher level as you learn sparring techniques, kicks and blocks, and patterns. You will learn self-defense techniques such as Aikido and Hapkido and take the next steps towards earning your black belt.

We combine exercises for the mind and body, helping you develop a healthier lifestyle and improve agility. Our TaekwonDo classes will educate you on TaekwonDo philosophy, history, spirit, training, and heavy plyometrics.

Learn more about your teen and adult learner programs and take the first step into the higher levels of TaeKwonDo.

High Performance Programs

Unleash your full potential as you compete at TaeKwonDo’s top provincial, national, and international levels. All classes are conducted by provincial and national-level members and supervised by Masters Bauer.

Our High Performance and Competitive Poomsae programs are designed for those interested in elite performance and excellence. Five Rings TaeKwonDo is rated one of Ontario’s best competitive teams.

Learn more about our advanced TaekwonDo programs. Limited spaces are available.


Our location in Waterloo is run by Master Bauer. He is a national and provincial level coach in the Olympic sport of Tae Kwon Do, with 25 years of coaching experience. He has coached at all age and belt levels, from recreational to Olympic hopefuls and National Team members.

We offer martial arts programs for every age and level!

Contact the best academy for martial arts near you and take your first step to excellence. Get all the information you need on our karate classes near you with fees that won’t break the bank.


Doug ParkDoug Park
16:35 08 May 22
My son likes it here. Instructors are great!
Alice Pfeifer HanovAlice Pfeifer Hanov
17:25 02 May 22
My daughter begged to try TaeKwonDo and I am so glad we brought her here. The instructors are amazing and she's been doing amazing. We'll be staying for a long time.
Alireza SharifiAlireza Sharifi
18:21 15 Dec 21
Amazing people. Very experienced in dealing with little ones.
Michelle SchwanMichelle Schwan
18:34 03 Nov 21
My daughter enjoyed the classes so much, I joined. I am impressed with how well Master Bauer and the instructors work with everyone.I feel like my skill level has improved since joining a year ago.We are able to accommodate TKD into our busy schedules - big plus!The extra events (like Trunk or Treat) and in-house tournaments are fun for all! Excellent activities on PD days for the kids as well!
Christina LChristina L
18:34 03 Nov 21
Highly recommended. I have seen my son gain confidence, self discipline andMake some new friendships. Excellent job navigating through covid. Instructors are patient and kind.

Frequently Asked Questions

Martial arts are a combination of different arts of combat used in self-defense. It is widely used as a sport and utilizes physical skill and coordination.

Martial arts are deeply rooted in many cultures, mainly in East Asia. It can be divided into armed, like archery and swordsmanship, and unarmed, like karate and judo.

The amount of time it takes to learn martial arts depends on several factors, like body conditioning, regular practice, and the like.

Typically, you can learn the basics, like form, posture, and basic motions, in six months with a regular training schedule. However, being proficient in martial arts is a lifelong process.

Here at Five Rings TaeKwonDo, we believe that it is never too late to learn martial arts. Wanting to learn martial arts isn’t a matter of age, but your interest and passion to learn the art.

Joining martial arts classes when you’re older poses a lot of benefits to your health and overall fitness

Whichever type you practice, the fundamentals of martial arts are the same. It involves, in no particular order:

1. Movement, or how you move your body
2. Kuzushi, or unbalancing an opponent
3. Centerline and how you control it
4. Safety in learning and training
5. Ma-Ai, or the distance between you and your opponent

Kids can start martial arts training at a very early age. There are different benefits to learning martial arts at various stages. Here at Five Rings TaeKwonDo, kids can enroll as early as 3 years old. This is great for developing their balance, coordination, and discipline. Contact us today to learn more about our programs.

Here at Five Rings TaeKwonDo, we offer a daily after-school program. We conduct daily classes during the weekdays, along with other fun games and activities. The program also includes time for doing homework as well as having snacks.

During the weekends, we also offer various classes for both kids and adults.

Uniforms are available depending on the type of class or program you take. When you enroll in our after-school program, we provide you with a free Five Rings TaeKwonDo uniform. This includes a belt, t-shirt, and a personal ID card. You can receive this as soon as you make a security deposit.

Five Rings TaeKwonDo offers taekwondo classes for various age groups. High-performance sparring classes are available for those wanting to compete in the Olympic sport of taekwondo. Athletes who want to reach the provincial and national levels can also enroll in high-performance Poomsae classes. Lastly, we have demo classes to participate in full demonstration activities.

We have 7 very capable instructors here at Five Rings Taekwondo. The team is led by Master Greg Bauer, a 6th Dan with 25 years of coaching experience. We also have 4th Dan, 3rd Dan, and 2nd Dan instructors, all with many years of competing and coaching experience. Meet them here:

Yes, you can! We offer a free tour of our after-school program. Here, you will see how we conduct our daily activities. This includes homework time, taekwondo classes, games, and other activities.

Learn more about our program offers and book a free tour at our Waterloo or Kitchener branch by calling us today.