What is TaeKwonDo Demonstration?

You might notice that some martial arts schools in Waterloo and Kitchener only focus on providing regular classes. While that’s not necessarily bad, having a demo team is also great for students who want to become well-rounded martial artists. The weapons of TaekwonDo are not unique to this sport. Other types of martial arts use the same equipment for practice and demo competitions. It includes wooden swords, nunchucks, and combat sticks. Keep in mind that we don’t use TaekwonDo fighting weapons during sparring sessions. Instead, we perform with them, almost similar to a traditional dance. Students still showcase the proper way of handling each type of weapon but in a graceful flow. Our taekwondo demo team also organizes and performs demonstrations at special events, such as tournaments and student recruiting events. Some places or occasions we showcase are school open houses, local festivals in Kitchener and Waterloo, shopping malls, and more. The members attend our special classes where they learn more complex taekwondo routines. This is often mixed with elements of synchronized dance and acrobatics intended for public demonstration.

Why Not Just Stick to Regular Martial Arts Classes Near You?

You might notice that some martial arts schools in Waterloo only focus on providing regular classes. While that’s not necessarily bad, having a demo team is also great for students who want to become well-rounded martial artists.

Five Rings TaeKwonDo’s demo team is open to everyone ages six and up. It is a fun-filled program that everyone in the family will surely enjoy. Using martial arts might seem too intimidating or even dangerous, especially for kids. However, you should not be worried at all because we replace some parts of those weapons with props to avoid accidents and injuries.

Our unique demonstration training cultivates not just teamwork and discipline but also creativity and flow. The actual performance then fosters maturity, social skills, creativity, flexibility, and responsibility.

It is also a natural progression for black belts to delve into this. But again, the team is also open to those who want to get ahead of their classmates in the same ranking or belt level.

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Five Rings TaeKwonDo is not your ordinary martial arts school. Here, our coaches and staff always strive to produce the best version of our students through extensive training and positive methods. We have several decades of experience in competing and teaching, which is why we are incredibly confident in what we do.

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We offer various TaekwonDo training classes for all ages and levels. For those interested in sharpening their skills and learning how to use martial arts weapons, we encourage you to join our special demo team. Here, you get exposed to high-level self-defense and breakings for the demonstration performance. If you are good enough, you can even represent the group in different competitions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A taekwondo demonstration is where experienced taekwondo practitioners, perform taekwondo movements for a crowd. They use taekwondo weapons in a coordinated way, more like dancing with the weapon than wielding it against an opponent. A demonstration might also be part of your child’s class.

Belt levels are distinguished by color and indicate how accomplished a practitioner is. The order is; white, yellow, orange, green, purple, blue, brown, red, poom, and black. There are various levels of black belts, because a black belt doesn’t mean you have mastered taekwondo. Instead, it means you understand all of the fundamental movements and can help teach.

That really depends on you. For people who are interested in pursuing taekwondo, it shows them what kind of movements and skills they might expect to learn. For parents who might enroll their kids in taekwondo, it shows them what their children might get out of the classes. Demonstrations are like snapshots of taekwondo.

For students who are already practicing taekwondo, sometimes things can get frustrating. As with learning anything, students might not progress as fast as they would like to. A demonstration team can give students motivation and excitement for what they can learn if they stick with taekwondo.

Our demonstration team gives exactly that, demonstrations, at our facility and at off-site locations, including at festivals, schools, martial art competitions, and many more. The demonstration team is all about showing off specific skills, which can inspire and engage students, parents, or other onlookers.

The demonstration team is open to students who have achieved some kind of skill in taekwondo which they can then demonstrate. That means at least 6-years-old and up, and students give demonstrations that are appropriate for their age and skill. Instructors approach students about joining the demonstration team for specific events.

Demonstration teams can give a performance to people of any age. We could attend a school and give a demonstration or do the same at a retirement home. To actually be part of the demonstration you need to be 6 years or older and have the requisite skills that we will be demonstrating.

Learning discipline is an essential part of taekwondo. Without discipline, you cannot learn to be effective and consistent in your movements. Participating in a demonstration can remind students to be disciplined so that they can show off their skills. Seeing a demonstration can remind students they need discipline to learn to so the same movements.

For sure! For those watching and participating, a taekwondo demonstration is worthwhile. It takes very little time, but it’s a thrilling experience that most people enjoy. For those participating, the opportunity to demonstrate their skill is kind of like a reward for the hard work that they have put in developing that skill.

If you’re interested in witnessing a taekwondo demonstration in Kitchener or Waterloo, you should reach out to 5 Rings Taekwondo. Our instructors and students put on exciting taekwondo demonstrations which you will enjoy. We perform them at our dojo or at some public events. Let us know and we can tell you when and where you can catch a demonstration.