5 Rings Taekwondo offers full-day PD day camps for your child! They will learn the basics of Taekwondo and be involved with multiple fun activities (for example, Nerf games, laser tag, Lego, and a movie).

Ages 5-12

$50 + HST. $8 for pizza lunch

8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.

(Early drop-off and late pick-up options are available.)

What are PA and PD Day Camps?

When teachers take a PA Day, you still must go to work. Where can you send your kids to get an enriching experience that is in a safe environment? 5 Rings is the solution. We have PA Day camps that can keep your children busy when school is out. We offer active outdoor play, skill development, safety supervision, and much more.

PA Day camps refer to personal activity programs that are non-academic related. Most of the time, children are exposed to seminars and events that help them become more well-rounded individuals. They get the chance to discover new things. Sometimes, the term personal development or PD Day camp is also used.

For those who want to try out learning Taekwondo for the day, we’re inviting you to join our PD Day camps and programs for children. Here at 5 Rings Taekwondo, our PD Day activities are like no other. We teach kids basic movements and principles of the sport so that they can experience what it’s like being one of our trainees.

Why Enroll Your Kids in Our Professional Activity Days in Waterloo and Kitchener?

PD Day camps in Kitchener and Waterloo often include arts, and crafts, outdoor activities, and other basic enrichment activities. Our professional development day camps are anything but ordinary.

As the leading taekwondo school “near you,” we want to expose your children to new skills and talents that they can pursue. This sport isn’t just about fighting. Taekwondo is a special type of martial art that promotes respect, discipline, mental strength, and physical fitness. We teach students the importance of protecting themselves and others.

Our practical techniques help them be ready for potentially dangerous situations. Through our demo programs, students also get exposed to the creative side of taekwondo. Here, trainees are taught to memorize and perform a set of moves in a flowing manner, almost like a dance. All of these are compressed into a day’s worth of activities for your children to try out.

If they seem to have found a new passion by the end of the day, then 5 Rings Taekwondo will look forward to seeing them soon in our practice rooms in Waterloo as official students.

The Benefits of PA Day Camps for Kids

Why send your child to a PA Day camp? Why send them to 5 Rings? There are so many benefits to getting your child some exposure to martial arts during PA Days. Here are the advantages that children and families can expect from attendance at one of our PD Day camps:

  • Supervision: When you must work, you don’t want to let your child sit at home alone. It can be impossible or expensive to get your child into day care for a day to work around PA Days. At 5 Rings, your child will be well-supervised by adults who are highly trained and have certifications for the care of children. You can get peace of mind that your child is supervised.
  • Social Environment: School provides socialization, but all the children already know one another. Making new friends and learning to get along with new people is a highly relevant skill for your children, and the new environment at 5 Rings can give them the opportunity to do it.
  • Physical Skills: When you’re a kid, you have the chance to establish positive exercise habits for the rest of your life. Taekwondo can help kids learn to value movement. It can also help them develop coordination, strength, stamina, flexibility, balance, and all the physical skills they’ll need throughout their life.
  • Confidence and Sense of Self: We teach core values like hard work, and the ability to stick up for yourself. The result is that children gain confidence and a new appreciation for who they are and what they can do.

Registration Policies

Our PD Day camp has several registration policies. There’s a $25 non-refundable fee for your PA/PD Day camp once you’re registered. You can switch to a different day for no additional fee.

Which age groups are allowed in the camp? We accept children from ages 5-12 for our PA Day camps.

How to register for camp? Fill out our contact form to get information about registration for our camps.

Winter Break Camp for Kids

PD Day Camp Activities

What will your child get up to when they join our PD Day Camps? We provide them with lots of outlets for fun and skill development. Here are some of the things your kids will enjoy over their PD Day:

  • Nerf Games: Nerf guns are fun to play with and really drain a kid’s energy. But no parent really wants to let a Nerf game get out of control in their house. You don’t need to; your kids can enjoy playing Nerf as a special treat while they’re with us.
  • Laser Tag: Not something you can arrange for at home, laser tag is another great game for kids to play which drains their energy and teaches them cooperation and teamwork.
  • Lego: One of the more intellectually enriching toys a child can play with, Lego is a staple at our PD Day camps. We love to see what the children build, whether it’s their own imagination, or they’re following directions.
  • Movies: With all of that running around, the children eventually need to take a break. To keep them occupied and engaged, we show them age-appropriate movies which they enjoy.
  • Taekwondo: Of course, our camps also teach Taekwondo.

PD Day Camp Attire

What should your child wear to our PD Day Camps? It’s a single day event, but they’ll be doing a lot of running around. In general, we suggest that they wear clothing that’s comfortable to move and play in. Bringing a change of clothes is always a good idea too, as we can get sweaty and sometimes spills happen at lunch or at snack. If you have more concerns about what your child should wear, reach out to our staff directly by calling (519) 954-5925.

How Many PD Days Are There in Waterloo?

Waterloo Region’s school calendar changes every year for both the Public and the Catholic school systems.

For the Public school system, the yearly calendar is typically released in June before September starts. It also differs for elementary and secondary school kids, which can make it a challenge for families to plan for their children if they have at least one child in each. Although the calendars differ, sometimes the PD Days do overlap. Usually, there are roughly 7 PD Days in each of the calendars. This is beyond the usual school and statutory holidays such as Labour Day, Thanksgiving, Good Friday, etc.

In the Catholic school system, there are usually fewer PD Days, although they’re called PA days. Sometimes the PD Days for the Catholic and public system line up.

There also may be new PA Days coming to the daycare centers in Waterloo Region. Providing these professional development days to staff is an initiative from the federal government. It’s meant to help keep day care staff’s skills current. However, it may also be a challenge for parents to begin to plan care for their daycare-aged children these days.

COVID-19 Program Policies

We take the health and safety of everyone at our dojo seriously, including for our PD Day camps. Our facility is cleaned and sanitized daily to remove all sorts of germs, not just COVID-19. We offer hand sanitizer for everyone so that students, staff, and guests can always feel comfortable in our facility. Currently, wearing a mask is optional.

Policies surrounding COVID-19 are always subject to change, however, so be sure to ask us your questions before you arrive.

#1 Martial Arts Academy Serving Kitchener, Waterloo, and Surrounding Areas

5 Rings Taekwondo offers some of the top-rated martial art classes in the area. We pride ourselves on having incredibly skilled, passionate, and renowned coaches who have several decades of combined experience teaching taekwondo classes and even representing the country in competitions. Thanks to our hardworking staff, the school is well maintained and ready to accommodate all our students.

Besides our regular programs, we also offer special camps for children that fuses fun activities with taekwondo basics. This allows the kids to experience something new without full commitment. In other words, you don’t have to worry about wasting money on a whole month’s worth of classes and other expenses.

Your search for some of the best PA Day camps near you is over because you found just the right people! Give us a call today to get started.