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Start Your Journey of Excellence at the Top Martial Arts Academy in Kitchener, Ontario

Gain a lifelong skill, learn self-defense, and bring your dreams of Olympic-level competition to life with Five Rings TaeKwonDo. Receive safe, attentive coaching from instructors who train everyone from first-time learners to Olympic aspirants.

All our instructors are Black Belts and bring decades of experience coaching all belt levels and ages.

Join a Growing List of Five Rings Champions

Our TaeKwonDo classes have produced
  • 60 national-level athletes
  • 500+ Black Belts
We are the go-to school for martial arts classes for anyone aspiring to participate in international competitions. Our instructors have coached members of Team Canada for Olympic Trials, Commonwealth Games, and the Pan-American Games.

Young Learner and After School Programs in Kitchener and Waterloo

Are you a parent looking for an engaging, educational After School Program? Or are you someone looking to work towards your Black Belt? Our school for martial arts near you caters to young learners from the ages of 3 and over.

Tiny Tigers and Children's TaeKwonDo

Make sure you give your child the proper introduction to TaekwonDo in a safe, encouraging environment. Our children’s programs are fast-paced, fun, and rewarding. Help your child build confidence and develop their physical and mental strength. Your child won’t just learn TaekwonDo, they’ll gain essential life skills.

We don’t just teach taekwondo, we develop future leaders. We aren’t like any “kitchener‘karate’ academy” you might be searching for. We take our martial art seriously and pride ourselves on providing enriching programs for the children in our community.

Tiny Tigers is open for children aged 3-5. Children’s TaeKwonDo is suitable for children aged 6-12.

Waterloo and Kitchener After School Program

Are you looking for“karate” classes near Kitchener? We recommend you try out taekwondo with us. Take the stress of after-school pick-up, snacking, and homework with our After School Program. We combine taekwondo with leadership training, homework time, snack time, and fun and games at our school for taekwondo—the perfect solution for when you’re looking for “karate” near you.

It’s an ideal way for your child to unwind after school without wasting hours sitting in front of a screen.

Martial Arts Evening Programs

Improve mental and physical fitness, work on your TaekwonDo techniques, and spend evenings with a like-minded community. Our flexible programs welcome children, teens, and adults alike. Whether you’re looking to learn anti-bullying techniques or take steps towards your next belt, we are the top TaekwonDo school near you.

Advanced TaeKwonDo and Higher Performance Programs

Teen and Adult Programs

Ready to progress in your TaekwonDo journey? Learn sparring techniques, blocks, kicks, and patterns as you achieve a higher skill level. Our programs teach techniques such as Aikido and Hapkido and help you build up to your Black Belt.

Learn about TaekwonDo philosophy, history, and spirit, while building muscle strength through heavy plyometrics.

High-Performance Programs

Benefit from the experience of 6th Dan Black Belt Masters as you prepare to compete at TaekwonDo’s top international, national, and provincial stages. Five Rings TaeKwonDo is ranked one of Ontario’s most competitive teams.

Spots in the High-Performance programs are limited, so it’s best to apply early.

Your Top School for Martial Arts in Kitchener

Founded in 1990, Five Rings Taekwondo has grown to become the most successful martial arts school in Kitchener, ON. Talk to us to learn more about taekwondo and karate classes near you with feesthat won’t break the bank.

Frequently Asked Questions

Martial arts is a diverse practice that means different things to different people. You may want to pursue martial arts to learn how to defend yourself, to learn how to engage in competition, or get a great workout. However, others prefer to focus on the spiritual or self-development aspect of martial arts as well.

You get out of martial arts what you put into it. While many people seek out martial arts to grow as a person or to challenge themselves, there are many other valid reasons to pursue martial arts. You could practice martial arts as a child to help with your physical and mental development. Adults might pursue martial arts for a great workout.

No. Karate used to be the best-known martial art in North America, so for many karate and martial arts were like synonyms. However, karate is just a type of martial art. Other types of martial arts include taekwondo, ju-jitsu, aikido, judo, MMA, muay thai, krav maga, kung fu, and more. 

No! If you’re forty, you are not too old to begin your martial arts journey. Martial arts are an excellent practice to start in middle age. It can help you develop or maintain more well-rounded health, including strength, flexibility, coordination, balance, and much more. It can also help you maintain your self-defense skills.

There’s a wide variety of ways that martial arts can help you. For your children, martial arts is much more than something to burn their energy on. It can help them grow up with physical skill and mental fortitude. For adults, practicing martial arts is great stress relief. It can help you maintain physical skill and mental health too.

Not all martial arts help you develop skill and physical strength in the same way. For taekwondo, we’re confident you will develop more strength, flexibility, and skill in all four limbs. We focus on using hands and feet, which means every part of your body will benefit from martial arts.

That depends on your goals. However, we believe that taekwondo is the most useful martial art for most people. It has ample opportunity for competition—some of our students go on to compete internationally. It also is great for full body strength and flexibility, both of which are needed for our advanced moves.

Not really. We wouldn’t recommend you think of martial arts as a fountain of youth. It can help you avoid some of the problems of old age, like loss of balance, flexibility, muscle mass, and even loss of cognitive function. But it has the same effects as other good sources of exercise.

It is hard to say. Some believe that Kalaripayttu, a martial art from India, is the oldest martial art. However, if you’re looking to practice the oldest martial art you’ll find that they have all been modernized, and that’s a good thing. They offer better benefits because they are more suited to modern standards for competition and modern knowledge about movement and the body.

Unfortunately, not really. In martial arts, you must have guidance to learn the right techniques. You also want to ensure that you have proper form, and it is very hard to look at your own form. You’ll also miss out on sparring or practicing with a partner, which is an essential way to assess your strength and skill.