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Why Taekwondo is a Great Martial Art and What to Look for in a School

Did you know that taekwondo was established as a martial arts form over 2,000 years ago in Korea, but that almost 200 million individuals practice it globally today (Sportsver)? The hisotry and evolution of taekwondo has ignited a love for martial arts in over 200 countries, both recreationally and competitively. Participants of all ages, whether young children or grown adults, can find taekwondo classes near them and grow as individuals through this special martial art form.

Martial arts is an umbrella term for different kinds of systems and traditions of combat, that are traditionally used for self-defense. Kung fu, judo, taekwondo, and karate are only a few of the many martial arts forms that people have can practice. So, then why would someone choose practicing taekwondo in Kitchener instead of another martial arts? This blog will explain why and how to find the right school if you choose to pursue the art of taekwondo.

Why Taekwondo is the Best Martial Arts
There are so many forms of martial arts that it may be difficult to choose which is the best option for you or your children. Learning more about each of them is important when deciding. At 5 Rings Taekwondo, we believe that taekwondo is the best martial arts you can participate in. Because we want you to understand why, we have compiled the reasons why taekwondo in Waterloo should be your top choice.

Mental and Physical Benefits
One of the key reasons that taekwondo is the best martial arts is because of the countless physical and mental benefits that it offers its participants. It is a truly all-encompassing form that has advantages for the entire body, unlike other martial arts forms that have benefits, but only for specific aspects of the mind or body. Taekwondo is excellent for the body because it encourages weight loss, building stronger muscles and bones, cardiovascular health and endurance, agility and reflexes, flexibility. The strength and ability to move your body is an exceptional feeling that taekwondo offers you. It also offers improved cognitive function, reduced stress and anxiety, and increased self-confidence and focus. These mental benefits can easily be translated into other aspects of your life.

Self-Improvement is Involuntary
The way that taekwondo is structured, self-improvement is fundamentally engrained in its practice. This martial arts form must be practiced to be successful, which presents the opportunity to become better over time. Children and adults of all ages are tested on their focus, discipline, and patience, which are excellent characteristics for self-improvement, both inside the taekwondo school and out.

How to Find the Right Taekwondo School
If your heart is set on taekwondo, then it’s time to find a school that will be the right fit. You may be wondering, “what am I looking for in a taekwondo after school program?” Great question, and here is your answer:
• Integration of respect through proper etiquette practices, such as salutes, bows, etc.
• Teachers who follow the traditional practices of taekwondo, as opposed to a modern, sporty method that is emerging.
• A well-structured learning environment that begins with basics and safety, and then increases in difficulty based on performance.
• An atmosphere of support, dedication, and positivity from instructors, staff, and students.
• Class sizes that make students feel included and prioritized.
Other factors like proximity of taekwondo classes near you and the cost will likely influence decisions for schools as well; however, it is important to find a positive, supportive environment for your children.

5 Rings Taekwondo is a school located in Kitchener, Waterloo that promotes safe, fun teaching and a challenging, yet impactful environment. For any additional information on taekwondo summer camps, please visit our website or contact one of our representatives today.



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