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Top 5 Benefits of After School Programs for Kids

From improving academic ability to representing Canada at the highest levels of martial arts, after-school programs offer a lot of opportunities for children. In this blog, we’ll look at the top five benefits of a taekwondo after-school program for your child.

5 Reasons to Enroll Your Child in a Martial Arts After-School Program

  1. Enhance Academic Ability and Grades
    Studies have found links between martial arts training and academic performance. Children enrolled in karate after school programs are found to have higher grades than those who engage in team sports and those who are more sedentary. In fact, children aged 12 to 15 who engaged in martial arts had better academic performance and overall ability compared to other students.
  2. Stronger Cognitive Skills
    Cognitive ability – such as thinking, remembering, and learning – is vital for children. Studies have found that martial arts improves cognitive functions in youth who practice martial arts regularly. They showed noticeable improvements in inhibition, shifting, and speed of thought processing.
    Regular physical exercise also reduces hormonal reactivity, meaning children have better control over their emotions and stronger psychological functioning.
  3. Build Social Skills
    Karate after-school programs are great opportunities for children to meet and interact with peers. They get to speak to and work with children both younger and older than them. This helps children build empathy, learn how to make friends, and work collaboratively.
    What’s more, children get to meet peers outside of their usual groups at school and in the neighborhood.
  4. Learn from World-Class Instructors
    Martial arts programs place a lot of emphasis on mentorship. Your child will work closely with qualified, experienced instructors who can help nurture their passion for taekwondo and build important life skills along the way.
    For instance, at 5 Rings Taekwondo, our master instructors bring experience coaching Olympic-level athletes. They can help your child discover their inner competitive spirit and hone their talent.
  5. Learning Essential Self-Defense Skills
    Last, and certainly not least, a Taekwondo after-school program teaches children self-defense techniques. Children will be able to handle threatening situations more confidently and make informed decisions in tough situations.
    It’ll give parents peace of mind too, knowing that their children can defend themselves if necessary.

What Should You Look for in a Martial Arts After-School Program

There are many after-school programs near you, but what should you look for to find the right one? Here are a few things to consider:
• The program should involve physical exercise, so your child gets the minimum recommended exercise every day.
• It should build valuable skills to make the time after school productive and beneficial.
• The school should offer convenient pick-up options to accommodate your schedule.
• It should offer a safe, supervised environment for your child.
These reasons are why so many parents turn to us. Our instructors bring over 30 years of experience training students of all ages and abilities. We coach everyone, from 3-year-olds just starting out to seasoned martial artists looking to represent Canada on a global stage.

Find out how our after-school programs near you take the burden of keeping your children occupied, and help them develop positive habits.



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