Winter Break Camps in Kitchener, Waterloo

Top 10 Winter Break Camps for an Unforgettable Holiday Season

Don’t want to see your children slumped in front of the TV this winter season? Winter break camps in Kitchener, Waterloo are a great way to learn new skills, make new friends, and make best use of the long winter break.
Learn more about 10 amazing ideas for winter break day camps near you to keep your children entertained!

10 Winter Break Camps in Kitchener-Waterloo for An Amazing Holiday Season

  1. Martial Arts Camp
    Martial arts camps are a great way to introduce children to the basics of Taekwondo. Our program, for instance, is available to children of all ages and skill levels. Plus, it’s not just about Taekwondo; children get to enjoy laser tag, movies, crafts, and many other activities with their peers.
  2. Sports Winter Break Programs
    Looking to introduce your child to a new sport? A winter break camp is a great opportunity to make it happen. Basketball, ice hockey, ice skating, tennis, and badminton are great options if you are looking for sports that offer lots of physical activity.
  3. Aquatics Winter Camps
    Aquatics camps are an excellent way to foster a love for swimming. Whether you want your child to become familiar with being in the water or hone their swimming talents, aquatics camps offer essential training and lots of fun.
  4. STEM Winter Break Day Camps Near You
    If your young one loves science, technology, robotics, or beginner engineering, STEM programs are what you are looking for. They are the perfect opportunity to expose your children to robotics and lab work and build on their love of science. You may even unleash their inner inventor!
  5. Ranch Experiences
    If archery, cooperative games, building shelters, and searching for wildlife are your ideas of fun, ranch experiences are a great chance to show your kids a great time. Being outside in the fresh air, learning new skills under the supervision of instructors, is a great way of teaching your children outdoor survival skills.
  6. Art Camps
    Allow your children to express their artistic abilities and build an appreciation for various types of artistic expression. There are countless kinds of art camps available that can include lessons in painting, drawing, sketching, and pottery in Kitchener, Waterloo.
  7. YMCA Winter Break Programs
    Want a little bit of this and a little bit of that? The YMCA organizes a wide range of camps for children, offering a great place to send your kids during the winter break. Some activities that may be available at your local YMCA include cycling, swimming, karate, and more.
  8. Camping Programs
    There’s something very special about winter camping. If you want your child to experience the outdoors in wintertime, a camping program is worth considering. Children learn vital survival skills, how to make shelters, and more.
  9. Music Winter Camps Near You
    Winter breaks are ideal for learning or honing musical talent. There are a wide variety of programs available, including five-day camps and morning camps.
  10. Photography Winter Break Camp in Kitchener-Waterloo
    Is your child interested in photography? Wintertime offers a great opportunity to learn the ins and outs of photography. As an added bonus, snow-covered vistas make for beautiful subjects.

Looking for a Camp That Balances Physical Exercise with Skill-Building?

Sounds like a Taekwondo camp is the right fit for you! Our winter camp starts during the first week of January and runs for three days. To learn more about the 2024 schedule, fees, and availability, get in touch with us today.



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