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The Building Blocks of Karate: Basic Martial Arts Moves for Beginners

While it all looks complicated when you’re watching two advanced martial artists spar, the truth is that martial arts are just a series of movements. You learn the basics of these movements at the start of your taekwondo program. As you progress you learn more complicated movements and how to put them together smoothly, quickly, and with strength. Then comes the added challenge of facing another person in a spar. But, to start with, all martial arts from karate to taekwondo are about simple movements. Here are some basic movements you can learn in your first few taekwondo classes.

Here is a list of those basic movements:

• Straight Punch:
This will probably be one of the first movements you learn in taekwondo camp. First, your instructor will teach you the stances, or how to stand while performing a movement. In front stance and horse stance, you can then learn the straight punch. You reach our arm out and intend to make contact with your first two knuckles. Of course, you practice without a partner at first!

• Front Kick & Side Kick:

The front kick is the true building block of any kick in taekwondo (and there are a lot). The form of your front kick is very important and you’ll spend a lot of time learning the basic principles of a kick while doing this. But we wanted to mention the side kick too. Students are often eager to learn this and for good reason, it looks cool. For this, you bring your leg all the way out to the side and then move it forward.

• Low Block:
Blocking incoming attacks will be essential when you begin to spar. The low block will likely be the first block that you learn. It’ll protect your whole torso, if you time it well and can do it with strength. In the low block, you use your arm to block. Start with your right arm make a fist. Bring it up to your left shoulder. Then swipe your arm down along your torso and pelvis. Stop when it reaches your right hip. You can perform this on the other side too.

Try It at Our Taekwondo Program

Did these movements inspire you? You can learn to do them in our classes at our martial arts academy. 5 Rings Taekwondo offers classes for children through to adults. That includes family classes where you can learn the basic building blocks of martial arts together. Reach out to learn about our classes today. Call (647) 578-8020 to talk to a representative about our classes.



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