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Professional Sparring: What to Wear and Not to Wear

When you’re ready to go to your first taekwondo sparring match, what should you wear? Every taekwondo academy is different in the brands it recommends and in some of the inessential gear that they may or may not recommend. You should get support from your dojo and coach about what you should wear, especially for the different taekwondo black belt levels. The basics remain the same. Here is some general advice on what to wear to spar in taekwondo.

Start With the Uniform

You should wear your usual taekwondo uniform under the more protective gear of your competition garb. Make sure your uniform fits well, is tied properly, and allows you full range of motion because you’ll need it.

Head and Chest Protection

The most important pieces of equipment for professional sparring are the chest and head protection. Get a high-quality chest protector that’s tough. The tougher the chest pad the better, as it’ll spread the force out more evenly and provide you with more protection. For the helmet, be sure it’s intended for martial arts, has thick foam, is safety rated, and was made by a reputable company.

Teeth, Hands, Forearms, and Shins

Everyone agrees that your teeth need protection in taekwondo sparring, and almost everyone uses hand, forearm and shin protection. For your teeth, you need a mouth guard or a mouth piece to bite down on. It needs to be thick enough to properly engage your jaw. You need to be always biting down on it during the match. This protects your brain from impact as well as your teeth.

For hand protection you can buy any gloves intended for martial arts use. There are shin guards for general martial arts use that you can use as well.

Cups for Men and Women

For men, cups are essential. Choose a reputable brand that offers a comfortable fit. For women, a female version of a cup, sometimes called a jill, is optional and can offer protection for this sensitive area.

Black Belt Martial Arts from Our Taekwondo Academy

Want to get ready for professional sparring in Kitchener, ON? Need a team to support your competition goals? 5 Rings Taekwondo can give you the support you need from our dojo in Kitchener. Contact us to talk about classes, competition and sparring today. Call (647) 578-8020.



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