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How to Wear Your Taekwondo Uniform Appropriately

Wearing your uniform correctly is a sign of respect for taekwondo, the dojo, other people, and yourself. If you’re new to taekwondo you can always talk to your instructor about where to buy it and how to wear it correctly. For most dojos, the taekwondo uniform is a white three-piece. The top is a white shirt with ties on both sides, and no color at the collar until you’re of an advanced rank. Then there are plain white paints and a belt. As a beginner, you’ll have a white belt.

We offer classes in the Kitchener/Waterloo area and can help you order yours online. Here are some basic instructions on how to wear it properly.

What to Wear Under the Uniform

The point of your taekwondo uniform is to allow for your full range of motion and make you comfortable while you’re moving around. So, what you wear beneath it should be what makes you comfortable and what makes it the easiest for you to move. For most people, a pair of non-restrictive underwear, boxers, briefs, or workout shorts are best. Women may want to add an activewear or sports bra. Men may want to wear a thin shirt. Ask the instructor who provides classes near you if they have any specific special requirements.

Your Belt

You’ll need to tie your belt. It may be best to watch an instructor demonstrate this process. The simple instructions are to wrap it around your waist neatly twice. If the belt has a name on it, that name should be kept to the outside so that it’s visible. The side of the belt with the name will end up on the left side, and it should be tucked under all the layers of the belt.

Once one side is tucked under your belt, check to make sure the two ends are level. Adjust the belt to make those ends level and then you can tie it in a simple knot. Tighten it so that you’re comfortable. Then the ties on the shirt need to be tucked in under the belt. Now you’re ready to start your lesson!

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