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Exploring Martial Arts Summer Camp for Physical and Mental Well-being

Martial arts summer camps are so much more than learning how to kick, punch, and defend yourself. While physical activity is emphasized, camps for martial arts in Kitchener-Waterloo are incredibly beneficial for your child’s mental well-being as well. In this blog, we will dive deeper into the benefits that taekwondo summer camps offer your kids.

Minimize Screen Time

A study found that children up to 13 years old spend nearly three hours a day on electronic devices! While devices are becoming a more frequent resource for everyone, screen time experienced should be kept to a minimum, especially for developing children and teenagers.
Summer break is the perfect time for kids to relax but spending it phone-surfing isn’t the most productive use of their time. Kitchener’s martial arts camps are the perfect way to minimize the amount of time your kids spend on devices and provide the opportunity to learn in a fun, engaging way.

Encourage Physical Activity

The American CDC recommends for children to engage in at least 60 minutes of physical activity every day. While it’s traditionally simple to achieve this during the school week, it can be more difficult during the summer break if your children aren’t naturally inclined to be active.
Martial arts in Waterloo will guarantee that your child has a structured plan for daily physical activity that’s also tons of fun.

Learn Self-Defense Skills

The ability to defend yourself is one of the main lessons that children learn in martial arts summer camps. Knowing your kids have the skills to protect themselves in the event it’s necessary will instill parents with confidence and allow your kid to make rational decisions in the heat of the moment. Instead of hasty acts, they will think more clearly and act responsibly, which will help keep them safe.

Improve Cognitive Ability with Martial Arts in Kitchener-Waterloo

Children who participate in martial arts show greater control over their faculties, reduced aggression, and greater self-esteem. On one hand, they learn to channel their energies constructively during training, while on the other hand, they develop confidence as they earn belts and progress to new skill levels.

Increase Self-Control

Attending a martial arts summer camp Kitchener for will guide your child in better controlling their responses to many situations. Studies have found that children with a lot of energy display improved response inhibition and better focus when they engage in martial arts training. If your kids struggle with self-control, martial arts near you is the perfect way for them to productively spend their summer break.

Choosing Our Martial Arts Summer Camp

The Kitchener martial arts camp we offer at 5 Rings Taekwondo isn’t exclusively focused on learning Taekwondo; our goal is to create a fun, inviting environment for kids in many ways! From the activities we organize – which includes laser tag, weekly field trips, visits to the splash pad, movie day – to the friendly instructors, children love visiting 5 Rings. Plus, we offer early drop-off and late pick-up options, which helps parents avoid interrupting their workday.

Talk to us to learn more about our camp for martial arts in Waterloo and Kitchener. Spots fill up fast, so hurry to avoid being disappointed!



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