Best after school programs in Waterloo and Kitchener

Exploring Enriching Adventures in After School Programs

Does your child love spending time outdoors? After school hours, would they like to invest their energy in doing new and interesting activities? If yes, then adventure-themed after-school programs are great options to consider. They offer the perfect break for kids after a tiring day at school.
Learn about five fun-filled adventure after-school programs near you.

Five Adventurous After-School Programs

  1. After-School Karate Classes
    Martial arts programs offer a great outlet for children who have a lot of energy. Plus, if your child wants to learn self-defense skills, after-school Karate classes are the best place to go. Martial arts programs, such as Karate and Taekwondo, provide a safe and exciting environment to learn.
    Your child will learn kicks and punches and build discipline and confidence. The programs teach real-life skills, including defensive techniques and leadership. What’s more, as your child earns their belts, they experience the satisfaction of achievement. 5 Ring Taekwondo’s program offers all of that and pick-up services in Kitchener-Waterloo; this means parents don’t have to pick up or drop off your child, which allows for an uninterrupted workday.
  2. Outdoor After-School Activities Near You
    If you want to combine a traditional school day with time spent outdoors in the evening, these options are the ones to consider. Children participate in building games, learn about the forest, partake in educational activities, and more. The Wildflowers Forest School is one such option. There are several options for different days of the week. They cover everything from trekking in the wild to shelter building, which are exciting vital lessons your child can learn.
  3. Enjoy STEAM!
    Adventure doesn’t just have to be outdoors! STEAM – which stands for Science, Technology, Education, Arts, and Mathematics – subjects can be just as much fun! STEAM after-school activities near you can be incredibly educational and stimulating. Your child will learn STEAM concepts with practical applications. Learning is fun, hands-on, and without any pressure—different than what children experience in a typical school environment. Launch Waterloo has some exciting programs you should check out.
  4. Professional Dance Programs
    If your child is into performing arts or dance, you should look for dance-focused after-school programs near you. For example, the Davenport Dance Project is a brilliant place to introduce your children to the world of dancing. Your child will learn choreography, improving their rhythm, style, coordination, and confidence.
    The classes are ideal for children who love to be active. What’s more, your child will get to meet and mingle with new friends!
  5. Sports Programs for Young Athletes
    Open-ended sports programs are a great way to burn energy, learn teamwork, and engage with peers. Innovative Wellness has several after school programs you can consider. Children can indulge in floor hockey, dodgeball, yoga, and more. The program helps build strength, complete their homework, and more.

Help Your Child Relax, Enjoy, and Learn

5 Ring Taekwondo’s after school program is a hit with children and parents alike! We offer a perfect balance of physical activity, homework time, and socializing. Children are mentored by high-performing Taekwondo masters who have trained over 500 black belts and led over 60 students to the highest levels of Taekwondo internationally.
Reach out to learn more about our programs.



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