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5 Key Benefits of Martial Arts Training

Flying sidekicks and board-breaking are exciting, but they are just the tip of the iceberg for what martial arts has to offer. Olympic sports, such as taekwondo, are proven to improve academic performance, improve stamina, build social skills, boost confidence, and so much more.
Find out what the top five benefits of martial arts in Kitchener, Waterloo are and why you should consider enrolling your child or even yourself!

5 Benefits of Martial Arts in Kitchener-Waterloo

  1. Spend Time Productively
    The daily maximum recommended screen time for children over the age of 18 months is two hours; in reality, adolescents spend 7.5 hours in front of screens! Children are leading increasingly sedentary lives.
    Whether it’s an after-school program or martial arts summer camp, help children spend their time more constructively by enrolling them in an engaging, physical activity. Instead of scrolling endlessly on their phone, students will get to exercise their mind and body.
  2. Make New Friends
    Meeting new people can be difficult with today’s busy schedules. Too often, children stick to their school and neighborhood groups; adults often have even less time to meet peers outside of work.
    Martial arts in Waterloo offers a great new opportunity to see fresh faces and exercise your social skills. You will learn to work in teams, build empathy, and improve your leadership skills.
  3. Improve Cognitive Ability
    Cognitive abilities, such as listening, thinking, and remembering, are vital life skills. Martial arts has been proven to improve cognitive abilities in children, enhance emotional control, and manage behaviors.
    If your child has bundles of energy but lacks focus, consider sending them to a martial arts summer camp.
  4. Boost School Grades
    Studies have found that children who engage in martial arts have higher academic scores than children who participate in team sports or are sedentary. In fact, martial arts learners had better academic performance overall.
    Kids martial arts near you is, therefore, not just good for your child’s physical well-being, it’s beneficial for their academic performance too.
  5. Provide Structure
    From building mental discipline to learning to structure your schedule, martial arts offers lots of benefits. Taekwondo is a discipline requiring mental focus and perseverance. As students begin to progress in their learning journey, they will become accustomed to a regular schedule for training.

Why 5 Rings Taekwondo Is the School of Choice

Whether you are an adult learner yourself or looking to enroll your child, 5 Rings Taekwondo is the go-to school for martial arts in Waterloo and Kitchener. You will learn from instructors who have nearly three decades of experience in taekwondo. We have coached everyone from children over three years old to athletes representing Canada in the Olympics.
Talk to us or write to us to learn more about our martial arts programs and unleash a healthier, driven life.



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