Winter Break Camp for Kids

4 Mini-Camp Ideas for Winter Break in Waterloo, ON

It can be hard to find activities to do with your children during winter break in Waterloo. It’s cold outside, so there is only so much time you can spend making snowmen and snow angels before the kids need to come in a warmup. Without the daily distraction of school, the kids have more energy to burn than ever before.

So, how do you keep them busy? You could enroll them in our kid’s winter break camp, or you could make a mini-winter break camp of your own with these activities.

1. Clay Sculpting

When your child longs to make some snowballs, you can direct them to make some fun shapes out of clay instead. Most children enjoy working with clay, and you can add a holiday twist by asking your child to make a Christmas ornament, a non-edible gingerbread house, a vase as a gift for someone, or any other Christmas-themed clay object.

2. Indoor Obstacle Course

Even when you don’t have a lot of space, you can set up a small obstacle course indoors that will keep the children entertained. Use laundry hampers as jumps, have children crawl under chairs, use hula hoops to indicate where kids should jump, or place buckets for children to throw bean bags into. You can really get creative and come up with a long obstacle course to entertain the kids.

3. Puppet Theatre

Puppets capture children’s imaginations like few other toys. If you don’t have any, however, then it can be a fun secondary winter activity to make some out of socks, buttons, felt, and other craft supplies. Then, engage your child in making up their own play, or reading out of an existing play if your children are a little older.

4. Collage Art

Every child can be engaged in collage art of the right kind. For example, get magazines on the subjects that your child cares about, and then let them cut the images out and place them on Bristol board.

Kid’s Winter Break Camp in Waterloo

Not sure if you will be able to fill the time for your kids over this winter break? You’re not alone. Between the lack of school and work, for many families, the holidays are not the relaxing time they should be. When you send your kid to one of our winter camps, you help relieve that stress, give your child the outlet they need, and make the time you do share together more harmonious.

Sign your child up for 5 Rings’ winter camp today.



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